Company Honours and Rewards

Baolai-Leelai is the leading brand in the field of Animal Microecology, recognized by the mainstream user groups, the academic and research community as well as the government.


-  We are the only one in the industry to undertake 5 pioneering projects in the “863 Program” hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology . 
- We have undertaken “SHUANG GAO YI YOU” Project of the State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC) and a Renovation Project of the State Commission of Economy and Information (SCEI).
- We are the “National Industrialization Demonstration Unit” in the Animal Micro-ecological industry in China.
- We are the first to obtain the “Technology Innovation Fund for the Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” in our field.
- We are the only one amongst 35 companies in our field to participate in the “New Century Declaration on Feed Safety” of the Ministry of Agriculture.
- We are assuming the Vice-Presidency of the Chinese Animal Micro-ecology Society; The Vice-Presidency of the Committee of Animal Products of the China Fine Chemical Industry Association.
- We are assuming Executive Direction of the China Feed Industry Association "National Credit " Enterprise and the Vice-Presidency of the Shandong Province Feed Association .
- We have four national innovative products amidst Enzyme production Probiotics, Bio-protein, Streptozotocin peptides etc…
- We are a National High-Tech Enterprise .
- We are a High-Tech enterprise in Shandong Province .
- We have 2 famous brands products of Shandong Province; The famous Trademark of Shandong Province; Top 10 "Engineering Technology Research Center" in Shandong Province.
- We are the first Animal Micro-ecology company in China to obtain access to the European Union and the United States Markets’.
- In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, we have set up the "Chinese Animal Probiotics Research and Development Center".
- President Shan is the top 10 private technology entrepreneur, the top ten private young entrepreneurs in Shandong Province .